Spirits Merging (Sanang Novella)

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Spirits Merging: Sanant Novella

A protector
And a traveler
Their spirits merge when they meet

Short raven-black hair, a strong, masculine face, and a well-toned body. He wore an exquisitely tailored gray suit that clung to his body but was loose enough to allow for easy movement. As he walked toward the counter, I eyed him from behind my laptop. Was it him?

He slowly breathed in and out. His warm energy wrapped around me, soothing away the pain I hadn’t realized I was carrying around. My breathing matched his as we held on to each other. And more than ever, I wanted forever with him. Forever what? Needing him so much scared me to the core. What did I want from him?

This novella is set in the Sanang world. Sanang is a K-pop group composed of five idols with special abilities that fight against dark creatures.