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Amazon/KU March 9, 2023

Souls Whispering: Sanang Book 3

Brought together by destiny
Bound by fate and circumstances
Unrequited love
One fated love
And one who cannot love

Two are fated to be together
One belongs with a spirit

The darkness threatens
When the powerful creature stirs
Through eminent danger
Will love unite the three
Or would their lives unravel?

Two K-pop idols with elemental powers and a telepath
The spirits whisper when the three meet

Sanang is a K-pop group composed of five idols with elemental powers that fight against dark creatures. This is the third book in the Sanang series and the story of Jee, Jav and Bin, their love and their fight against the dark creatures that threaten everyone.

Amazon/KU Nov 4, 2022

Tiger Roaring: Sanang Book 2

A K-pop idol with a tiger spirit within
A wizard in need of a familiar
Their energies meld when they meet


Is it possible for any human being to be so beautiful? I could stare forever at his delicate cheeks, large blue eyes, and silky skin. Wyn is beautiful and confident, and so fun and sociable. Being together is all I’ve ever wanted. But the danger lurks in our past and the present, and we must fight together to keep our bond alive.


My purple-loving, tall, breathtakingly beautiful Saem. I’ve been his fan forever. Just when we discover he’s my familiar and I’m his mate, the evil creature threatens both our lives. But I will risk everything to save my love and our future.

Sanang is a K-pop group composed of five idols with special abilities that fight against dark creatures. This is the second book in the Sanang series.

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Spirits Merging: Sanant Novella

A protector
And a traveler
Their spirits merge when they meet

Short raven-black hair, a strong, masculine face, and a well-toned body. He wore an exquisitely tailored gray suit that clung to his body but was loose enough to allow for easy movement. As he walked toward the counter, I eyed him from behind my laptop. Was it him?

He slowly breathed in and out. His warm energy wrapped around me, soothing away the pain I hadn’t realized I was carrying around. My breathing matched his as we held on to each other. And more than ever, I wanted forever with him. Forever what? Needing him so much scared me to the core. What did I want from him?

This novella is set in the Sanang world. Sanang is a K-pop group composed of five idols with special abilities that fight against dark creatures.


Dragon Awakening: Sanang Book 1

A K-pop idol with an awakening dragon within
A vampire who is not dead
Sparks fly when they meet

I saw him in semi-darkness. My prey was so beautiful. So alluring. Tousled, wavy dark hair obscuring his closed eyes. Thick, long lashes making half moons above his high cheekbones. Lips that were dark red from a touch of rouge. His body moved sensuously with the music. Unhurried, languid, and expressive.

Had I ever gone against a vampire so ancient? The strength I sensed in him was intoxicating. Of course, it didn’t help that he ticked all my boxes. Tall, toned body with the face of an angel. Long, wavy, dark hair with hints of auburn highlights that I could run my hands through. His green eyes were sinfully large with long thick eyelashes, his nose long and straight, his skin flawless, and… he had these lips that looked infinitely kissable.

Sanang is a K-pop group composed of five idols with special abilities that fight against dark creatures. This is the first book in the Sanang series.


Remembrance Lost: Tasier Book 3

Clueless MC with amnesia
Hopelessly romantic other half
Special coffee thermos messages
Crazy teleportations across the world
Battle for one who needs to be redeemed
Rescuing a trapped hacker
And mistaken and lost identities

Ryan met his soulmate when he was fifteen. And for him, it was a love at first sight.
Nikki was sixteen, an orphan who came to live with his family with no memory of who he’d been.
Five years later, Ryan’s still unsure whether there’s something more between them other than platonic love. They’d bonded in every way, except as lovers.

Then the world of Tasier intrudes, a hacker in danger in need of a rescue and a brother who needs redemption. Nikki and Ryan, along with their friends, travel across the world and are met with astonishing adventure and danger. With Nikki’s lost memories haunting them, will their bond be strong enough to survive the darkness that surrounds them? 

This is part 3 of the series set in the universe of Tasier, a secret organization of people with supernatural abilities. It can be read standalone, but as it draws on the background story about Tasier developed in previous books, it is better if read in sequence.

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Nial & Naz: Tasier Shorts Book 1

Age gap romance
Soulmates with supernatural abilities
Cross dressing in Victorian era

Nial fell in love with a man who did not exist, but also the only man he ever wanted in his heart. When reality merges with his dreams, can he find the way to grab onto his love and never let go? From the artists’ quarter in Paris to London, this is a glimpse into the love story between soulmates Nial and Naz.

Warning: some scenes of abuse

~25K word novella set in the universe of Tasier, a secret organization of people with supernatural abilities.


Souls Aligned: Tasier Book 2

Age gap romance
Soulmates with supernatural abilities
Time traveling gone amok
Longing for flushing toilets
Abundance of sarcasm
Abit of angst-filled pining ending in happily ever after

From the moment he laid his eyes on him, Eric knew Bhas was his soulmate. Beautiful, enigmatic, and timeless, Bhas became a constant presence in his heart. But as his guardian and protector, Bhas seems oblivious to his love. Heartbroken, Eric ran away, leaving his heart permanently behind.

Now Eric has to face Bhas again. And danger and darkness follow them as they embark on an adventurous journey to the past to help their friends in the Tasier organization. Will there be enough time for Eric to convince Bhas they are meant to be? Can their souls be aligned now that they are brought together again?

This is part 2 of the series set in the universe of Tasier, a secret organization of people with supernatural abilities. Can be read standalone, but some of the background story about Tasier would be better understood if read in sequence.

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Dream Bound: Tasier Book 1

Soulmate who comes out of dream
Secret organization full of people with special abilities
Clueless virgin MC

Time Traveling gone Amok

JOON is mostly content with his orderly, but lonely life until a chance encounter at a cafe turns his life sideways. Before he knows it, he’s caught up in a secret organization of individuals with special abilities. And he discovers his hitherto unknown biological parents and finds a man he’d been dreaming about.

TREY has been in love with Joon all his life. His life is complete; with a childhood full of adventures, a membership in a secret organization, annoying but fabulous special abilities, and the love of his life. Except there is just a small problem. His soulmate doesn’t remember him.

As they meet for the first time, their love for each other grows, but they discover hidden threats against Joon that can tear their love apart. Will Joon and Trey find strength to overcome the darkness?

Book 1 of Tasier series.