Author: Arian Williams

Tiger Roaring (Sanang 2)

Amazon/KU Nov 4, 2022 Tiger Roaring: Sanang Book 2 A K-pop idol with a tiger spirit withinA wizard in need of a familiarTheir energies meld

Spirits Merging (Sanang Novella)

FREE to download Spirits Merging: Sanant Novella A protectorAnd a travelerTheir spirits merge when they meet SettShort raven-black hair, a strong, masculine face, and a

Dragon Awakening (Sanang 1)

Amazon/KU Dragon Awakening: Sanang Book 1 A K-pop idol with an awakening dragon withinA vampire who is not deadSparks fly when they meet SenI saw

Remembrance Lost (Tasier Book 3)

AMAZON/KU Remembrance Lost: Tasier Book 3 Clueless MC with amnesiaHopelessly romantic other halfSpecial coffee thermos messagesCrazy teleportations across the worldBattle for one who needs to

Nial & Naz (Tasier Shorts Book 1)

FREE to download Nial & Naz: Tasier Shorts Book 1 Age gap romanceSoulmates with supernatural abilitiesCross dressing in Victorian era Nial fell in love with

Souls Aligned (Tasier Book 2)

AMAZON/KU Souls Aligned: Tasier Book 2 Age gap romanceSoulmates with supernatural abilitiesTime traveling gone amokLonging for flushing toiletsAbundance of sarcasmAbit of angst-filled pining ending in

Tomas Bhaskar Sankhad

Tomas Bhaskar Sankhad Appearance: 5’10″, medium-length dark hair, green eyes, olive complexion, leanKnown Abilities: ??Biosketch<Please contact Tasier for further information>

Eric Allen Ashford

Eric Allen Ashford Appearance: 6″, medium-length dark hair, green eyesKnown Abilities: Effector, Pain EaterBiosketch1983 – Born (London), Guardian: Tomas1999 – Parents deceased, Guardian: Tomas Bhaskar

Seattle Tasier House

Seattle Tasier House Located in Harvard Belmont District of Capitol Hill neighborhoodStunning view of the Union BayClose to many coffee shops and restaurants– 1st floor:

Tremain (Trey) Kristoph Hatlan

Tremain (Trey) Kristoph Hatlan Appearance: 6″, medium length wavy dark hair, hazel eyes, glassesKnown Abilities: Empath, TelepathBiosketch1981 – Born (Somewhere in the world), Mother: Ama,